Welcome to Y Drive PTBO's online portal, designed to help long term care & retirement home staff transport their residents easier than ever before. 

Y Drive is a locally owned and developed rideshare service similar to how Uber or Lyft operate, however with a local touch. Our team took what worked for existing rideshare and improved where they are lacking, for example we:
  • Accept Cash (corporate accounts only)
  • Background, Vulnerable Sector & Driver Abstract Checks On ALL Drivers
  • Individually Interview & Train Each Driver 1 on 1
  • Open Communication By Phone, Email, Chat & In Person With Our Clients
  • Hire ONLY Local Drivers
  • Work With Local Business's & Government Programs To Support Our Community
Check out this review below from a manager at Peterborough Social Services:


 - Tara (manager with Social Services)

So how can we help you?
There is actually a few ways, one of which we are already doing... We can get your staff reliably to and from work. They can pre-book their rides to coincide with their shifts and know that our drivers will be there on time, in a clean and sanitized vehicle.

We wanted to take it a step further though and actually created this online portal, as well as a corporate account for your facility. This online account will give your staff the ability to book rides on behalf of residents from any computer or tablet (we can provide a tablet if needed). For the more tech savvy or independent residents, they can book from their phone themselves and still receive the homes discount. Normally we would come in and show you and your residents in person, but given the current Pandemic, we have put together a quick video demonstrating how it works:
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